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Updated: May 5, 2021

This is the start of something wonderful I hope! A new venture and my first blog!


April is the month of new beginnings - natures magic bringing promises of growth and beauty. We are finally coming out of lockdown and I sort of feel like one of those little green shoots that are springing up from the ground as if from nowhere!

I want BBBed Linen to grow slowly so that we get it right. To start with we have only put up two designs. Both incredibly simple but very stylish. We have used a very luxurious 200TC cotton which doesn't sound much I know but believe me it is wonderful to sleep in.

We are working on new designs but I want to be sure it is what our customers would like. I would really like to hear from you about the sort of products you are looking for. Maybe you've been disappointed in the past both with design and quality. Let's talk about it!

Next month I shall show you some photos of the ideas we are working on

Talk later


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